New Video Posted For My Song “White Christmas Blues”

My songwriting partner put this video up on you tube recently.  We were in a hurry to show off the song this Christmas time.  It’s low-resolution and will probably be replaced with a higher quality version.

This demo was written and recorded by yours truly in 1999 and intended for release on the limited edition CD entitled “An Eclectic Christmas Album”.  It has been praised by song critics and placed twice in the Song Of the Year international contest.  I brag a little bit, because I really enjoy the song, and it holds up after twelve Christmases.  This home-cooked music video was shot and produced by Jim Romero, who also plays the sizzling guitar solo. Please excuse the acting in the video, I can’t blame the director for that (lol!)

If you never got to hear this, please enjoy as I sing the blues and ask the question, “If it’s a White Christmas, why do I feel so blue?”

Merry Christmas to you all!