Video Completed – “What a Working Mom Can Do”

This is a typical example of just one of my single-man projects. I wrote the song “What a Working Mom Can Do” in about three days at the request of a good business friend of mine. This was intended to be a theme song to promote a mutual colleague’s company, a business that empowers working mothers. I couldn’t resist turning it into a full length country pop song, since I loved the arrangement so much.

All instruments and vocals were performed by me and edited on a single computer. Then I shot this video over two days with a single camera and no helpers. Post-production took longer than it should have because of sound sync issues. The overall project was very laborious and time consuming, but it was also fun to do and worth the sweat and tears.

Here is the completed video with lyrics annotated in.

So, there you have it!  A step by step process from conception of song to finished demo recording.  And now I have a music video to accompany it.  If there weren’t any of these pesky technical setbacks, it would have been ready to view by Thanksgiving.  I know, I know.  No excuses.

I will have the entire video series on Eclectic Songwriter as soon as possible.  Right now, let’s all enjoy the month of December!  And Happy Hanukkah (first day today!)


  • J Denney

    I watched your video three times. I love it.

    My comment is that you look very relaxed as you were singing (which is a good thing). That relaxed feeling makes for setting the mood & feel for the song to come.
    Loved your mirror image with the guitar. That was a nice touch at a good moment in the song. I especially like you standing at the water’s edge.
    The background was nice and the dual images and sync with each image was very good.

    The fade-out at the end was neat & unexpected. It reminded me of some old movies endings.
    I do recognize where it was shot. I even noticed the mug, he, he.

    Oh yes, at the end, I really liked the letters and your song commenting on each letter. That is
    a little different – very cool. Not to forget, recognizing our Flag & God being included. SWEET!
    Overall – good video in sync with audio effects. Your are getting good at that.

  • Captoly95

    I thought the video & audio were top drawer. The blending of the audio and visual was flawless.
    I was looking for a “chorus” or something that i could hum later. I was told that some
    of the super stars like Sting, Elton John, Alicia Keys, etc. use that type of format (not always a chorus).
    I am not the best judge of music because i don’t listen to it.

    But I liked listening it and the visual effects.
    Maybe, you should pursue directing audio / visual things. I give it a 9 1/2 and can you dance to it.

  • Thank you for the wonderful compliments! I put some love and time into the video shoot, and it was fun to do — even if it was all by myself. It might have gone more quickly if I had somebody else to work the camera!

  • MaryEllen Tribby

    Thank yo so much Dean for doing this – it is absolutely amazing!