Please Leave Your Comments Here About the You Tube Video

For those of you who enjoyed the video on you tube, thank you!  I am having an issue with the other website .. temporarily .. but it will be resolved soon!  Whew!  I need a staff to help me out!  But you can view it here on Eclectic Notes.

Anyway, please check out the video of my latest field trip.  I welcome your comments below.  If you don’t see it, try clicking on where it says “View Comments” underneath the title of this article.  I hope it works this time :)

By the way if you have a you tube account already, then I would like feedback there also.  But you have to do a quick sign-up to do that.  Just double click this video and it will take you to the comments page.

Thanks, everybody!


  • Toby

    Great video. I was also at the same car show where there were over 400 cars in the village. You did a good job covering the show and giving a sense of the overall feel of the event.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! It was a great time. And free — which I love! (lol)

  • Denise

    You did a great job on that video. I enjoyed it. Yes, I agree that you could be the future Hew. Thanks for the info. I am forwarding it to some friends and Tom…the Legion has a SMALL car show in May.

  • Shel_deb

    Great job brother!

  • P.J. McClure

    Great work Dean! Though disappointed that 409 didn’t make the list, I was excited to have my personal number 1 come in at the top.

  • I am glad you all like the video! I have more in the works — stay tuned!