A Little Housekeeping…

Hi, Eclectic Friends!
It’s about time I check in!

Writing a blog is real time consuming.  Way to go with me catching up to the obvious.  I just want to put together decent material for you to check out on a weekly basis.   Be patient through my learning curve, and I’ll deliver some cool information that will be either fun or useful or both!
Thanks to all of you who visited my new Facebook page.  A lot of people prefer to read stuff in that format, so I’ll take extra care to be on top of that! Whenever possible, leave comments or suggestions/requests.  These projects are about pleasing your tastes, and are not intended to be vanity sites.   I’ve had requests to post my songs, both originals and covers, but I’ll present them as examples of songwriting.   There are plenty of bands trying to get you to take a look at them, so I will have a page on Eclectic Songwriter devoted to my material — most of it with my buddy Jim and Eclectic Rhythms Band.  Without realizing it, people really responded positively to our Christmas songs on YouTube.  We will be reopening the channel and putting back the songs to share.

Just an update.  I’ll check in during the week with some more articles. Write in with requests, I’ll be happy to comply!

Be your best.  Write strong.