Happy Father’s Day!!! Here Is a Dedication To You All!

Happy Father’s Day to all who qualify for the respectable title of Dad.   I visited mine today and gave him a DVD style card containing a song I composed.   He is the one man on Earth who means more to me than any other.   And the card was mushy, but he deserves to know that he is loved by his son.   I realize that not everybody rejoices on this so-called holiday, but for those dads — living or late — I salute you today with a song that always comes to mind this time of year.   Let me build up to the story:

MetroMedia owned TV and radio stations in the U.S. for 30 years until 1986 when the Fox Broadcasting Company purchased the majority of them. Out here in L.A.  I enjoyed of all their stations, especially on radio.   In 1969, they tried getting into the record business, launching their own label, Metromedia.  It was notable (to me at least) for featuring two artists.  The first was Bobby Sherman, whose biggest song was “Little Woman” in 1969, and who had seven Top 40 singles in under two years following that one.   The other artist was a soul powered R & B sextet from Washington D.C. who called themselves the Winstons.  They had one big hit that was released just in time for Father’s Day of 1969, “Color Him Father”.   The Winstons also scored a number 54 hit that same year with “Love Of the Common People”, but I have a soft spot for the afore mentioned song, which gives testimony to its great songwriting.  Shaped in part by producer Don Carroll, this heartfelt tribute to a hard-working stepfather of seven kids was written by the Winstons lead singer, Richard Spencer.  The single resided in the Top 40 for ten weeks — reaching number 7 and earning the group a gold record for a million copies sold.  You can hear Spencer’s influence from his days playing sax with Otis Redding, and also backing up Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions. The tune is noted for its strong family message, depicting a man who marries a Vietnam war widow and adopts her children — loving and raising them as his own.

Although the Metromedia record label called it quits after five years, it can be proud of providing a vehicle for the Winstons and developing a true gem… “Color Him Father”.  It’s the one song that stands above the rest, especially at this time of year when we honor our fathers, wherever they may be.  I think I’ll color the song immortal.

Be your best, and be inspired!