What happened to all those articles?

Hey, Eclectic Friends!

“What happened to all those articles?”  That’s what my friend asked me one day.  Almost seven months ago, when my computer crashed, I lost probably three months of work (about 10 articles I wrote).  “Shoulda backed them up..” he said.  Well, I thought that I had.  I’m pretty sure the folder I had them in was on the C drive, and didn’t get backed up.  These of course were brilliant masterpieces I created that I will now have to reconstruct from notes and memory… I wonder if I find either.

So, I’m stalling a little.  Shooting some video today, writing today, have errands today, then tonight the Mrs. and I going to be with Cindy Williams at a special American Graffiti showing in L.A.  That should be fun.
Wish I could multi-task.  Well, I can, but I mean  well!

You Tube channel is up!!!!

Nothing in it, though…yet…but you’ll see!

Be your best, and write strong!