By Artie Wayne

Lester Chambers, lead singer on, “THE TIME HAS COME TODAY” by the Chambers Brothers says, “If you feel moved by this outrage please share this with the world! Its TIME to tell the truth!!! HELP Me make this VIRAL so everyone pays attention to the Artist who bring joy to life… I’m about to be 72… IT’S TIME!!!”


I [Artie] am facing a similar situation with getting paid for the cuts of mine that Michael Jackson recorded. It’s hard to believe that Michael’s estate earned 350 million dollars since he passed away, while I earned less than $5000, from my songs on posthumously released albums that contain some of his biggest hits!

Lester is right, only about 1% of those of us who’ve been screwed can afford to sue, like Lester I’m one of the 99% who can’t, however I have an idea.

Lester’s post got an astonishing 7,264 LIKEs, 1,416 COMMENTS, and 5,888 SHARES on FACEBOOK in the last 48 hours, and could kick start the campaign to start some “CLASS ACTION AUDITS” going!