I Have Not Forgotten How It Felt That Day

Hello to everyone!

Usually I talk about music in my posts, but today will be different.

I wanted to say something uplifting in this message — maybe something about the patriotic music that I put on during this time — or maybe a prayer for the many who were affected by that shocking day 9 years ago in September. Words are tough at a time like this, so let me speak from my heart (if you don’t mind).

On this day, I suggest you pay tribute in your own personal way, to the innocent victims and the brave reliable heroes.  What happened in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. that morning was horrific and saddening, but it must be remembered, in a respectful way, today and for all time.  One thing my wife and I do each year is invest ourselves emotionally in a marathon of documentaries, airing mostly on the History Channel.  It is our solemn tribute, and it always touches us deeply.

Since we were here in California the morning of September 11th, I’m sure our experience was like the rest of the country’s.  We suffered pain and sympathy for all those people back east as if they were our own family.  Those who knew me back then probably remembered that I wore an American flag pin of some sort on my work uniform for at least two years.  The country seemed to bounce back slowly but steadily after that day, not really knowing for sure when to let down our guard.  That autumn of 2001 was uneasy but life did go on.  On a quick personal note, my band had a small concert scheduled that Saturday, September 15.  We ultimately canceled it, and band did not survive the stress, and I think we officially broke up that day.  Only Jim and I decided to keep going with our music, so I am thankful for that.  I still think of that week because I had this strange idea.  I wanted to play the concert anyway.  I was teaching myself to play a couple of patriotic songs like “God Bless the U.S.A.” and “God Bless America”.  You know, stuff the people could sing along with.  I thought it might lift the spirits of the neighborhood.  I couldn’t make it happen, but I realized what it felt like to want to give of myself through music, and I didn’t think of what I could gain from it.  It was also nice to see a few celebrity concerts during that period.

I opened my wallet and gave what I could back then.  I watched month after month around town as the many flags, proudly displayed on everyone’s cars, began to slowly fade away.  Eventually I forgot to keep wearing my pin, but the feeling was always and still is in my heart.  October 2006 was memorable, when my family and I went to lower Manhattan.  It was kind of an after-trip to celebrate my son’s commencement into the U.S. Coast Guard.  We attended his ceremony in Cape May, New Jersey, and headed on up to New York City where we spent the whole day.  And we did visit Ground Zero.  It was incredible just standing at the site, and I will always remember it.  I would like to go back there again soon.

Today my American flag is proudly outside the house, but then again, it’s out there all the time! Please don’t forget to put yours out!

As you can tell from this letter, I am nobody special.  I am just an ordinary citizen who loves his country, and feels the pain whenever a part of it is wounded.  If you follow current events, you know all too well about the scabs from these wounds, and that there are those can’t resist rubbing salt into them.  I just want to dedicate a song today that captures my feeling “Have You Forgotten?”  Darryl Worley scored big when he wrote this song in 2003, holding a #1 chart position for two months.  Since then, a lot of people seemed to have forgotten the message, or wanted to.  Well I haven’t, and I just wanted to share it today.

God Bless you all .. and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
(There, I said it, and I mean it!)

Thanks for reading,

  • J Denney

    I just read your “Notes” and you said so eloquently what many of us feel on this day. Many, cannot put their feelings into words. You expressed our emotions along with yours.
    Thanks for sharing.
    J. Denney

  • Sam R.

    Thanks to your son for his service. Never forget 9-11-01!
    Very nice sentiment.

  • Larry

    Which band were you in? Was it the one with Tony? We saw you at the Academy back in the day. I didn’t know you broke up, though. Love to hear updates!

  • Yes! We just called ourselves “Eclectic” and had 3 demo CD’s. Haven’t heard from Tony since, but somehow we will meet again, I feel it. Jim and I plan to reform the band in the future, just not for a while.