Bootsy Collins Shows You His Basic Funk Formula

Bootsy Collins is one of my all-time favorite bass players.  He is best known for playing with James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic, and is a Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer.  Not only did he play a unique star-shaped guitar called the “Space Bass,” he had a distinctive playing style on his recordings, the kind that would carry the beat.  I liked his work during the Bootsy’s Rubber Band days, especially the song “Psychoticbumpschool“.  In this video, he demonstrates his basic funk formula! It can’t get any simpler than that. Watch and learn from the “P-Master Of the Universe” in this back-in-the-day clip – – and know that today he is known as Professor Bootsy Collins. That’s right, he is the head of Funk University, and if you’re a bassist, you have got to check it out!

Ha haaa!