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Happy Birthday U.S.M.C. – You’re 237!

The United States Marine Corps is 237 years old today! Ooh-RAH!!!

Presenting John Philip Sousa’s Semper Fidelis March, the official march of the U.S. Marine Corps.


It cannot be inherited,
Nor can it ever be purchased.
You and no one alive
Can buy it for any price.
It is impossible to rent,
And it cannot be lent.
You alone and our own
Have earned it
With your sweat, blood and lives.
You own it forever.
The title,
United States Marine

Semper Fidelis!

We salute you, and thank you for your service!


Songwriting Role Helps Free Voices

By John Anthony

English teacher and musician Evan Davies has combined his passion for music with his occupation by taking on the role of a songwriting mentor for prisoners

A Taranaki teacher with a passion for music is helping prisoners find their voice through songwriting.

In a Maori Television documentary New Plymouth Boys’ High School English teacher Evan Davies takes on a mentor role for prisoners learning how to express their emotions through songwriting.

The show, Songs from the Inside, features four New Zealand singer-songwriters, including Warren Maxwell and Anika Moa, working with prisoners by helping them write, sing and record their own songs. It was filmed in Rimutaka Prison and Arohata Prison.

Mr Davies, 38, ran a songwriting course at Spring Hill prison, in north Waikato, a few years ago.

Wellington production company Awa Films approached him to help prepare a 13-part series which goes to air on Maori Television.

Mr Davies first conducted the experiment at Spring Hill prison because he wanted to share his musical talent.

Songwriting helped prisoners overcome some of the difficulties they have expressing their feelings, he said.

“Once they decided to express themselves better you could see a weight lift off their shoulders,” Mr Davies said.

He said he was trying to free prisoners from years of pent-up anger and emotion.

The content of the prisoners’ songs ranged from apologies to loved ones to expressions of anger, he said.

“I think the prisoners have this incredible way to cut through the BS and be candid not because they want to provoke but because prison strips them to the bone.

“It takes a person to be broken to say something quite personal.”

The series would be shocking and challenging because it showed a side of prisoners few people ever saw, he said. “I think this film is going to shatter a lot of prejudices.”

Songwriters Demand Rush Limbaugh Stop Playing Their Songs On Show

UPI News Service

Several musicians, including English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, want U.S. right-wing talker Rush Limbaugh to stop playing their songs.

The Canadian band Rush and Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds also say they do not want to be associated with Limbaugh’s radio show, Rolling Stone reported Thursday. Limbaugh, no stranger to controversy, created a firestorm when he called a Georgetown University law student a “slut” and “prostitute” on the air.

Limbaugh has been playing the Thunderbirds “Tuff Enuff” for years, but Wilson said enough is enough.

“I don’t want people to think I’m affiliated in any way, shape or form with him,” Wilson said. “The message he promotes is something I’m totally against.”

David Iser, a lawyer who has represented musicians who wanted political campaigns to stop using their work, said blocking Limbaugh from using songs may not be legally possible. Premiere, which syndicates Limbaugh’s show, has performance licenses with the groups that represent musicians, allowing it to use any of their songs as long as fees are paid.

But Iser said the artists have a constitutional right to object to Limbaugh’s use of their work — and that might be enough to convince him to drop it.


By Artie Wayne

Lester Chambers, lead singer on, “THE TIME HAS COME TODAY” by the Chambers Brothers says, “If you feel moved by this outrage please share this with the world! Its TIME to tell the truth!!! HELP Me make this VIRAL so everyone pays attention to the Artist who bring joy to life… I’m about to be 72… IT’S TIME!!!”


I [Artie] am facing a similar situation with getting paid for the cuts of mine that Michael Jackson recorded. It’s hard to believe that Michael’s estate earned 350 million dollars since he passed away, while I earned less than $5000, from my songs on posthumously released albums that contain some of his biggest hits!

Lester is right, only about 1% of those of us who’ve been screwed can afford to sue, like Lester I’m one of the 99% who can’t, however I have an idea.

Lester’s post got an astonishing 7,264 LIKEs, 1,416 COMMENTS, and 5,888 SHARES on FACEBOOK in the last 48 hours, and could kick start the campaign to start some “CLASS ACTION AUDITS” going!

Eagles Object To Frank Ocean’s Sample of “Hotel California”

By Bobby Herb

R&B singer Frank Ocean has encountered legal trouble over his song “American Wedding” off of his debut 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, ULTRA, which utilizes the entire master recording of the Eagles’ 1977 hit “Hotel California” as its backing track.

Photo Courtesy of GoldMine MagOcean posted on his personal blog yesterday, “Don henley(’s label—Rhino) is apparently intimidated by my rendition of Hotel California…” and went on to explain that he doesn’t have any plans to stop using the song and is considering performing it at Coachella in April.

In response to Ocean’s blog post, Eagles’ spokesperson, Larry Solters, released an official statement today:

“Frank Ocean did not merely ‘sample’ a portion of the Eagles’ Hotel California; he took the whole master track, plus the song’s existing melody, and replaced the lyrics with his own. This is not creative, let alone “intimidating.” It’s illegal. For the record, Don Henley has not threatened or instituted any legal action against Frank Ocean, although the Eagles are now considering whether they should. Any further questions regarding this matter should be directed to Warner Music Group as it is the entity that currently owns the master recording and made the contact with Frank Ocean’s representatives concerning his infringement of the master recording.”

Under current copyright law, all forms of sampling without official permission from the copyright owner is illegal – regardless of whether or not any profits are made off of the song that utilizes the sample.


American Songwriter