About Eclectic Notes

This blog is the companion to Eclectic Songwriter.

Dean Olson is a singer/songwriter and music instructor based in Orange County, California.  For many years, this average Joe worked a full time job putting in average work week of 60 hours — all the while writing, performing and recording songs.  While his works didn’t make the Billboard charts, they did find their way to local radio shows in Los Angeles, including the Dr. Demento Show, London & Engleman, Conway & Steckler, the Ken & Bob Company, and Bill Handel.   Dean is an executive member of the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and plans to share his experiences in future articles.

While raising a family, Dean continued to pursue his dream of making music, but like many others he found it difficult to balance the two.  Health challenges forced him to put music on hold for more than a decade, when in the mid 90’s he met co-workers Tony Comstock and Jim Romero.  By accident at a party thrown by Tony, these three new friends discovered that they had musical chemistry together.  Soon they formed a garage band that Dean decided to name “Eclectic”.  And they sounded like a garage band.  But like Rufus said in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “They do get better!”  Today, Dean’s songs have evolved from song parodies and sophomoric ditties to a mature style of songmaking reminiscent of late 70’s and early 80’s soft rock.  In fact, he received a letter from Paul Carrack who allowed him to cover his 1975 hit “How Long” and enjoyed the original lyrics that Dean added into the song.

Dean’s holiday songs have been acclaimed by song critics (“White Christmas Blues”) and have placed in songwriting competitions, including Song Of the Year.  The most recent award was semi-finalist for his song “A Girl I Can Love For Christmas”.

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